Now that DPI has ended operations, you can still find many books and other products that were published by DPI. Most products are available either through:

Find the author or title you are looking for and click on the appropriate link.

Alexander, Randall, Learning to Live as One  ipibooks.com 

Brown, Steve, One Another, Unos a Otros, The Kingdom of God, vol. 1 and 2. goodbookpress.com

Dubowski, Joseph, Cartwheels in the Rain, ipibooks.com 

Ferguson, Gordon, Victory of Surrender and many others.  ipibooks.com 

Fontenot, Michael, The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humilitygoodbookpress.com

Jacoby, Douglas, Shining Like Stars and many others.  ipibooks.com

Jones, Sheila, 9 to 5 and Spiritually Alive, My Bucket of Sand, Finding Balance. goodbookpress.com

Jones, Tom A., Mind Change, The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility, The Baptized Life, Deep Convictions, Letters to New Disciples, One Another,Unos a Otros, The Kingdom of God, volumes 1 and 2, In Search of a City, God's Perfect Plan for Imperfect People,To Live is Christ, Strong in the Grace, Fuerte en la Gracia. goodbookpress.com

Kinnard, Steve, Getting the Most from the Bible, Prophets, and others.   ipibooks.com 

Laing, Sam and Geri, Raising Awesome Kids, Mighty Men of God, A Life Worth Living and many others          ipibooks.com

Lamb, Roger and Marcia, This Doesn't Feel Like Love  ipibooks.com

Schachinger, Jeff & Florence, Building Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage - ipibooks.com

Shaw, Jeanie, My Morning Cup and Other Spiritual Thoughts -- 

Taliaferro, Mike, The Lion Never Sleeps,  ipibooks.com

Thompson, Elizabeth, Tender Yearsipibooks.com

Weidner, Robin, Secure in Heart  --  ipibooks.com


Disciple's Handbook -- goodbookpress.com
Deep Convictions -- goodbookpress.com
Profundas Convicciones goodbookpress.com
Jesus the Same -- goodbookpress.com

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